Acquisition Financing Philosophy

Acquisition Financing Philosophy

We specialize in the development of comprehensive business plans intended to achieve acquisition financing.   We are expert advisors to developing business plans to achieve acquisition financing.  We are a corporate financial consulting firm specializing in the development of comprehensive business plans intended to generate significant value for both owners and investors.   We are expert advisors to developing business plans and successfully securing growth capital for entrepreneurs and businesses.

We are proud of the work we do for growing companies. We strive for our clients to raise the capital while maximizing ownership.

- Chris Risey. President, Lantern Capital Advisors

The Meaning of REALIZE...

Corporate Financial Consulting Firm

We help growing companies realize their potential. Our philosophy is based on the meaning of REALIZE….

1) To comprehend… 2) To make happen...

We believe that our clients should not only understand their business plan and growth strategy, but should also have the financial capacity to achieve it. Using our unique “out of the box” planning process, we offer insight based on our prior experience helping companies raise capital.

We help our clients quickly develop growth strategies and identify financing methods that can have a substantial positive impact on the future value of the business. Our experience allows us to be creative, fast and cost-efficient...and successful. We consult with our clients as an ongoing corporate financial advisor in order to realize the goals defined in the business plan long after the capital event has occurred.

As a Corporate Financial Consulting Firm, We passionately believe we are the BEST Corporate financial advisor to growing private companies because we are fast, trusted, and cost effective.

acquisition financing, business plans to achieve financing, how to achieve acquisition financingFast - We took our financial and management consulting experience over hundreds of engagements, and created a unique engagement process that is superior to all others in terms of time, cost, communication, and client expectations.  Clients always have a clear understanding of where they are in the process, a basis for making good financial decisions, and an ability to start or stop the process with no on-going obligations.  This gives our clients peace of mind, control, and unmatched value relative to any other advisor or consultant.

Acquisition Financing Advisors- How we help companies achieve acquisition financing is by writing comprehensive business plans, solicit those plans to qualified institutions, and complete the funding process for acquisition financing. - All we do is help growing private companies.  We know their problems, and their alternatives, and have referenced clients to prove it.  Further, unlike investment funds, banks, or investment bankers, Lantern is truly independent.  Our compensation is hourly based.  We take no finder's fees from institutions, and do not seek or accept any equity (or warrant) compensation from our clients.  Our goal is simply to serve the best interests of our clients - regardless of the size, amount, or type of financing sought.

acquisition financing, business plans to achieve financing, how to achieve acquisition financingCost Effective - As fee based consultants that raise capital, our hourly rates are comparable to a middle market consulting, accounting, or law firm.  Then by combining those rates with our unique engagement process, we are able to get clients market feedback on their financing capabilities extremely fast which minimizes the client's risk and costs (both in terms of their time and cash expenditures).

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